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Realise the seemingly impossible with home grown gravity defying vehicles

Send your teams on a sleuthing adventure to literally 'join-the-dots' in your chosen location

Roll up! Roll up! For one day, take your team to the circus to perform the Greatest Show on Earth

Interactive Business game with focus on Customer Relationship Management

Unite your team with an energising, speed-training vocal percussion workshop

Totally inspirational Corporate drumming experience

Teams network and collaborate to recreate a giant multi canvas artwork.

Highly rewarding, mass participation harmonica jam session

Fun and funky rhythmic wake up call with rubber gloves

An exploration of values and behaviours through the creation of fictitious country identities

Back to basics with problem solving tasks that explore team dynamics

Collaborative construction project with teams working in unison to build an impressive bridge

Introduction to tasting and blending with subtle inter team rivalry

Key conference messages reinforced with a storyline of oversized comic strip frames.

Challenge your team’s creativity, project management and teamwork skills in designing and building a cascading series of actions from recycled materials

Devise and produce over the top commercials to explore your own products and services.

Massive recreation of company logos using delegate bodies

Fresh business simulation with an emphasis on marketing and communication

In less than one hour, your team will become a string orchestra!

Teams take to the turntables and play their own ‘hands in the air’ anthems

Unleash the dragon within with a team-building activity that pays homage to an ancient Chinese tradition.


A unisex event that challenges teams to understand the emotions of their customers

Capture the passion of football and bring the emotion of a big international into your conference.

Teams recreate Hollywood classic famous films and produce their own after dinner entertainment

A scrap heap challenge that requires teams to construct and control powerful rocket ships.

From blueprint to boat, teams work on a cardboard vessel that floats

Participants construct full size cardboard chariots in preparation for a Ben Hur style finale

Teams change into Top Gear to design and race full size F1 cars from flat pack kits.

Working together as one teams build an enormous branded 3 dimensional structure.

Riotous ‘race off’ with full sized cardboard construction kits

Get everyone moving and interacting in the fastest poker game you'll ever play

Inspire creativity and unity as your team are challenged to build a 3-dimensional art piece for display in a sculpture exhibition.

A celebration of world rhythms, costume and dance

Take on a challenge of Olympic proportions as your team strive to go higher, faster and longer!

Teams create and choreograph their own catwalk collections with a limited budget

Connect Mind to Body as you energise from Head to Toe

Fast paced photographic city challenge tailored to your company

A fun context to explore Leadership, Risk Management and Strategy implementation

Dynamic reveal of the company logo composed of individual headshots

Lively physical fun, bet on colleagues in a tongue in cheek derby

Simple but effective structure to accelerate the networking process

Teams report the day’s conference and publish their own front page

Interactive audio/visual relaxation experience to focus the mind

Need 4 Speed is a time and motion study in miniature, a frenetic table based intervention that actively encourages participants to review and improve performance. Top Gear for the tabletop!

Physical, fun and uplifting vocal workout on a grand scale

Go beyond perceived limitations to become a symphony orchestra in 2 hours!

Creative solution to present ideas and feedback from brainstorming sessions

High octane thrills and spills with human powered go–cart kits

Fun City Challenge based on a live version of the famous board game

Breakout tool that challenges participants to deliver a meaningful messages in just six digital action frames.

Participants remake their own video versions of popular classics

Flexible format with menu driven team working challenges

Charitable teambuilding activity that fuses CSR with human interaction to create fulfilling experience.

Economical percussion session to motivate your team

Indoor white water rafting game that explores leadership, planning and the customer experience

Showcase your own talent as teams record their own ‘x factor’ performances

Sausage Sensation reveals the finer points of sausage making with teams having the opportunity to create their very own regional delicacy.

A fun context to highlight company topics by overdubbing old movie clips.

Audiences co-ordinate a multitude of sound effects for a wacky car race animation

Pulsating performances with recycled trash instrumentation

Rugged outdoor adventure challenges often in the middle of nowhere!

No water whatsoever! Fun performances in a fresh approach to synchronised swimming.

Define your company values in graphic form and organize a production line of printing

Fast paced networking exercise matching talent with customer needs

Teams motor through tasks earning points to buy vital model car components for a drag strip finale.

Retro quiz in which teams decide whether objects are kitsch or classic

Relaxed antique ‘game show’ with elements of call my bluff

An adventurous quest and treasure hunt with a technological edge

Lateral thinking problems to overcome the quest to collectively launch a giant rocket

Unlock laughter and break down barriers as your team get hands on to create a life-size model capturing a moment in time

Build a process, build a team and help a child in need. Toy Factory is a new Corporate Social Responsibility concept with focus on efficiency and creativity.

Themed negotiation a game that focuses on gathering information and understanding customer needs

Themed negotiation a game that focuses on gathering market information and understanding customer needs.

After dinner quiz with themed video rounds

Teams are tasked with exploring a city or venue in order to research, script, rehearse and film a mini travel documentary

Tree planting mission with Corporate Social Responsibility

Mass participation musical workout using ‘Boomwhackers’

An alternative Olympiad that provides sport for all. Two Tribes is a celebration of indigenous games from all corners of the world

Release inhibitions, bring people together and create Hawaiian-style musical magic as you play the ukulele

Participants are challenged to learn new skills quickly and deliver an excellent performance

Boost delegate energy levels and inject a healthy dose of vitality into your conference, meeting or workplace.

Inspired by amazing ‘Teamwork’ on You Tube, teams gain competitive advantage by investing in their own performances


    "The energy, enthusiasm and fun that Paul, his fellow musicians bought to the session was brilliant. The final result of the massed bands was just unbelievable!"

    British Airways

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