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Icebreakers & Energisers

Every conference has its quiet times: refresh and motivate your audience with our creative energisers and icebreakers

Connect Mind to Body as you energise from Head to Toe

Dynamic reveal of the company logo composed of individual headshots

Highly rewarding, mass participation harmonica jam session

Boost delegate energy levels and inject a healthy dose of vitality into your conference, meeting or workplace.

Fun and funky rhythmic wake up call with rubber gloves

Capture the passion of football and bring the emotion of a big international into your conference.

Massive recreation of company logos using delegate bodies

Physical, fun and uplifting vocal workout on a grand scale

Interactive audio/visual relaxation experience to focus the mind

Mass participation musical workout using ‘Boomwhackers’

No water whatsoever! Fun performances in a fresh approach to synchronised swimming.

Audiences co-ordinate a multitude of sound effects for a wacky car race animation

Get everyone moving and interacting in the fastest poker game you'll ever play

Unite your team with an energising, speed-training vocal percussion workshop


    "We had great fun. It was very educational. Your team was very clued up and so professional. They knew what was required of them and broke it down so easily. The EXCO team has shown great changes and team spirit amongst our self and our team-mates. We are truly looking forward to working with your team again in the near future."


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