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Explore excellence, customer experience, decision making and team chemistry with our interactive business games tailored to your specific learning outcomes

Need 4 Speed is a time and motion study in miniature, a frenetic table based intervention that actively encourages participants to review and improve performance. Top Gear for the tabletop!

Interactive Business game with focus on Customer Relationship Management

Themed negotiation a game that focuses on gathering information and understanding customer needs

Teams report the day’s conference and publish their own front page

Fresh business simulation with an emphasis on marketing and communication

Indoor white water rafting game that explores leadership, planning and the customer experience

A fun context to explore Leadership, Risk Management and Strategy implementation

Simple but effective structure to accelerate the networking process

Fast paced networking exercise matching talent with customer needs

Creative solution to present ideas and feedback from brainstorming sessions

Themed negotiation a game that focuses on gathering market information and understanding customer needs.


    "I thought I`d drop you a mail to say thank you very much for a really great teambuilding event. The feedback and enthusiasm from our people has been outstanding. All four Dream Team members were fantastic and demonstrated professionalism, understanding, patience, humour and lots of energy. Special mention to Jene and Simon who also ran the Sunday morning brilliantly and attended my session on Saturday morning. I can now officially say that you are now considered as the main supplier for these kind of events in South Africa. Keep me posted on new products and ideas you are developing."


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