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Create an involving and fun atmosphere whilst encouraging interaction and communication in your team with our entertaining events

Release inhibitions, bring people together and create Hawaiian-style musical magic as you play the ukulele

Sausage Sensation reveals the finer points of sausage making with teams having the opportunity to create their very own regional delicacy.

Relaxed antique ‘game show’ with elements of call my bluff

Introduction to tasting and blending with subtle inter team rivalry

Teams take to the turntables and play their own ‘hands in the air’ anthems

Lively physical fun, bet on colleagues in a tongue in cheek derby

Retro quiz in which teams decide whether objects are kitsch or classic

After dinner quiz with themed video rounds


    "Thanks to the Dream Team for turning a very suspicious and cynical crowd into an enthusiastic and excited bunch of people ... the impact that the Big Picture had on the whole company was absolutely amazing. People still can't believe that they played a part in creating the masterpiece which now stands in the Atrium. The excitement from the day still lingers in the building and has helped to lift everyone's spirits. You guys rock!and roll"


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