Boom Time

Musical conference ice breaker

20 - 45 minutes
20 - Unlimited


In Boom TIme participants create unified music with a Boomwhacker - a lightweight, hollow, colour-coded, plastic tubes, tuned to musical pitches by length.

Armed with a Boomwhacker, conference participants follow a visual interface which guides them in collaborating to generate a fiery symphony of music. The visual interface displays colour-coded blocks across a large screen. Participants use timing and teamwork to strike their tubes and create musical notes each time a coloured block hits a key. As the event progresses, the pace and complexity both grow; blocks move faster, and teams respond more vigorously to keep the rhythm building to an uplifting crescendo.

Learning Outcomes

Boom Time is a unique conference ice breaker or energiser that unifies teams as they create adrenaline-pumping music. This infectious icebreaker transforms any conference room into a colourful, fast-paced orchestra that will engage, enthuse and energise everyone. Boom Time has proven successful worldwide in igniting conferences and generating a sense of excitement and unity in a team.

Requiring involvement from all individuals, and collaboration as a group, this team building activity nurtures openness and teamwork. It's a great way for people to de-stress and have fun with their colleagues.

Physical Distancing

Physical Distancing

This activity can been designed to adhere to physical distancing guidelines. We modify the program to avoid game materials and handouts that need to be passed between participants. And, avoid anything where you have to get too close! Our skilled facilitators will be there to guide your participants throughout the experience, ensuring that as well as keeping to social distancing protocol each participant is engaged and having an enjoyable learning experience. Get in touch to find out how we can customise this experience for physical distancing and your team.

Related Testimonial

What started as a musical discord had turned into a cohesive, synchronised musical production. Delegates feeling buzzed and exhilarated were ready to launch into their National Conference with a sense of oneness because of what they had achieved together!

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