Discovery Challenge

Go Team Adventure Quest

1 - 8 hours
10 - Unlimited


In Discovery Challenge, teams rotate around a series of way points guided by the Go Team app. At each destination there is a challenge or puzzle to solve that draws on the history, culture and landmarks of the city. With each completed challenge the Go Team app reveals the location of their next challenge. With some challenges they will be left to their own devices – at others they will meet characters who will assist them or pass on vital information. At the completion of the last challenge the teams will have all the information they need to use the 'quest wheel' to reveal the location of the final destination where scores and adventures are compared.

Learning Outcomes

Discovery Challenge generates a strong spirit of teamwork, competition and fun. It will bring out the Indiana Jones in every member of your team, getting them working with others in unconventional ways and leave them with a unique memory of an amazing shared experience. Discovery Challenges pushes creative thinking and problem solving. Conference or product messages can be easily integrated within the challenges themselves to get your team learning while having a fun shared experience together.

Related Testimonial

Discover Challenge was a unique way of getting people to work together in teams as they discovered historical and cultural aspects of our conference destination.


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